Bank Account Opening in UAE

We can offer a full assistance acting as an intermediary between the bank manager and the client. 

Personal bank account
Documents required for a personal bank account opening:

  • ⦁    passport copy.
  • ⦁    resident visa.
  • ⦁    Emirates ID copy.
  • ⦁    lease agreement and utility bill (DEWA, DU, Etisalat).
  • ⦁    salary certificate provides by the company (if employment visa).

It will take approximately 1-2 weeks to open a personal bank account which depends on nationality of the applicant and documents provided. Please note that the decision to open a personal bank account is subject to the bank’s internal policy approval.

Сorporate bank account
Documents required for a corporate bank account opening:

  • ⦁    company license.
  • ⦁    Memorandum of Association / Articles of Associations.
  • ⦁    office lease agreement.
  • ⦁    passport copy, resident visa and Emirates ID of the shareholder and manager.
  • ⦁    business profile of the company.
  • ⦁    proof of source of funds.

The standard processing time can take 25 or more working days, depending on the complexity of the application.

An Overview of Banking in the UAE
There is a total of roughly 50 international and local banks scattered throughout the country. The banking system is considered to be fairly stable thanks to the banks’ liquidity buffers and resilient capital levels.

Most banks in the UAE are funded by deposits. Their strong capital levels provide a large buffer that absorbs any losses.

The UAE has four different types of banks. These types of banks include:

  • ⦁    Commercial banks.
  • ⦁    Investment banks.
  • ⦁    Industrial banks.
  • ⦁    Islamic banks.

Islamic banks are a type of bank that has grown in popularity. In recent years, UAE banks have worked to expand their banking services to consumers using Islamic financial requirements. This is important for the many Islamic citizens living in the country.

Aside from Islamic banks in the nation, the UAE banks also cater to foreigners and international consumers. They have adopted several international regulations and offer all their banking services in both Arabic and English.

A few international regulations that UAE banks comply with include:

  • ⦁    International Accounting Standard.
  • ⦁    International Financial Reporting Standards.
  • ⦁    Capital Adequacy Regulations from the Basel III Regulations.
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