Business setup in Mainland

Business formation in Dubai is attractive due to its world-class infrastructure and thriving economy. But starting a business in Dubai means a clear understanding of your business structure, choosing the right type of company, and business operations.

Benefits of Mainland Business Formation:

  • ⦁    No restrictions on trade between other business. 
  • ⦁    Can offer services for government. 
  • ⦁    Trade directly with consumers from anywhere in the UAE. 
  • ⦁    Foreign investors can retain 100% ownership of their business. 

Your checklist for mainland business setup in Dubai:

1. Choose your business activity.
There are thousands of permitted business activities as listed by the Department of Economic Development (DED). Some of these include trading, agriculture, hospitality and manufacturing. Unlike many free zone businesses that are restricted from certain activities based on their location, mainland businesses are free to trade in any of the 2000+ DED-listed activities.

2. Find the best location for your business in Dubai.
Once you’ve decided your business activity, the next step is to decide where you wish to operate. Businesses on the UAE mainland incur no restrictions on where they can set up. 

3. Determine your business legal structure.
From a legal standpoint, there are several types of businesses that can be set up by foreign entrepreneurs on the UAE mainland. The most common mainland business structure is a Limited Liability Company (LLC).

4. Name your company.
Deciding on a company trade name that conveys your brand and professional values is one of the most important business decisions an entrepreneur can make. In the UAE, there are several considerations to keep in mind. Offensive language, religious references or inferences to other organizations are all forbidden. 

5. Apply for a mainland trade license.
Now it’s time to apply for a mainland trade license with the Department of Economic Development.


We provide expert consultation at each stage of the company formation process in Dubai. We ensure that you fulfill all the required factors before submitting your application for a mainland company formation in Dubai. We also help you get a proper business license and necessary visas as per the registration requirements.

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