Logistics services

Logistics refers to activities aimed at reducing the costs of business processes. Since business processes include many different aspects, logistics services are also heterogeneous.

According to one of the classifications, four types of logistics services are distinguished:

Transport. This is the most common type, often, logistics is understood as the organization of the movement of certain material objects. The task of transport logistics is to develop such a route that will allow delivering goods from the sender to the recipient in a short time and at minimal cost. Companies providing transport logistics services have various schemes for the delivery of any cargo, allowing them to optimize time and costs. For example, a very effective way to reduce the cost of transportation is the delivery of groupage cargo.

Warehouse. Warehouse logistics deals with the processing of warehouse stocks - their acceptance, placement and storage. The result of these works is the efficient use of material and labor resources.

Purchasing. Purchasing logistics services aim to provide production with the necessary materials. We are talking about an agreement with suppliers, price negotiation, quality control. A very important component of this type of logistics services is the forecasting of resource needs and the formation of a strategy for their acquisition.

Marketing services. These services mean timely delivery of goods at the lowest cost.

All logistics services are links in one chain and, accordingly, they are interconnected. For example, procurement services may include not only the acquisition of necessary materials and raw materials, but also the maintenance of stocks in warehouses.

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