Money transfer support

Whether you are an individual looking to send money to your loved ones abroad or a business seeking to streamline your international financial transactions, we are here to help you navigate the complex world of money transfers

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With our expertise and in-depth knowledge of the global financial landscape, we provide comprehensive consulting services to ensure your money is transferred quickly, securely, and at the best possible rates. Our team of seasoned professionals will guide you through the entire process, saving you time, reducing unnecessary fees, and giving you peace of mind.


We provide the following services:

Foundation of a company in the Free Zone

Renewing the license of a Free Zone company

Amendments to the license and charter of a Free zone company

Liquidation of a company in a Free zone

Obtaining additional permits for activities requiring permits from government agencies

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We offer the following services to support financial transfers of money both from Russia abroad and international:

1) For corporate customers:

Consulting on transactions with foreign parties, methods of sending and receiving money (bank transfers, digital currency transfers (USDT)

Support services for international transactions (also transactions where one of the parties is a company registered in the Russian Federation), including structuring of the transaction; audit of the transaction; assistance in money transfers and bank support (interacting with banking organizations, preparing accounts, monitoring transactions)

2) For individuals:

Advice on the issue of money transfers from residents of the Russian Federation to cards of individuals and legal entities - residents of other countries, as well as assistance in the implementation of such transfers

Advice on the transfer of money in digital currencies (USDT) from individuals - residents of the Russian Federation to users from other countries


Our team of seasoned professionals will guide you through the entire process, saving you time, reducing unnecessary fees, and giving you peace of mind.

  1. Expertise: Our consultants have years of experience in the financial industry and specialize in money transfers. They stay up-to-date with the latest regulations, market trends, and emerging technologies to offer you the most reliable advice.
  2. Tailored Solutions: We understand that every client has unique needs and objectives. Our consultants take the time to understand your specific requirements and tailor solutions that meet your goals, ensuring the best fit for your money transfer needs.
  3. Cost Optimization: Our extensive network of partners allows us to compare rates and fees from various providers in real-time. We help you find the most cost-effective solution, saving you money on every transfer.
  4. Security and Compliance: We prioritize the security of your funds and ensure compliance with all applicable regulations. Our consultants work closely with reputable financial institutions to guarantee the safety and integrity of your money throughout the transfer process.
Contact us today to discuss your requirements and let our experts assist you in achieving seamless financial transactions worldwide